Swiss and European Championships

Sometimes performing at your best is harder when you know you’re in good shape; at least for me it adds that little bit of extra pressure. In my best competitions so far, I just climbed the best I could without any expectations and simply enjoyed the problems. Before the Swiss Championships we had a really good weekend of training with Mani Hassler, my favorite international route setter. It gave me confidence for the upcoming competition and after the Swiss Cup in Pratteln I knew what was possible and I wanted to at least make podium again. Qualifiers went well except for one problem which bothered my still slightly disabled shoulder but it was enough to go to finals placing 3rd. Unfortunately there was a little misunderstanding about isolation closure which got me quite upset but in the end I was allowed to climb in finals and that’s all that mattered. After observation of the final problems I was super psyched to climb; the boulders all looked amazing but they also seemed pretty damn hard! I couldn’t do the first two problems which left me a little frustrated. On number three it took me too long to figure out the right solution and when I finally knew what to do I ran out of time and power. Since the other girls (except for Petra who climbed in another league) also struggled with the boulders, I knew a quick top could still make a big difference and I just really wanted to do the last probelm. I stuck the tricky move to the volume on my fifth try and was the first climber to get the bonus hold. I also managed the next move but instead of keeping my arm straight and pressing out of my shoulder I tried a stupid heel hook which cost me the top and therefore a spot on the podium. Yes, I was rather disappointed finishing 4th, especially since I could do most of the final problems two days later in training and the finish of number four felt stupidly easy. However it’s always easier when you know what to do and figuring out the right beta within those four minutes time is a pretty big part of competing.


Foto: David Schweizer

Not even a week later I found myself cheering on Petra in the semifinals of the European Championships in Innsbruck. After winning qualifiers with an amazing five (!) flashes, we all hoped she would make it to finals. Unfortunately she didn’t get a top and 17th place is way from what she deserved, she was so close on the first two problems! I don’t really want to talk about how the comp went for me, I climbed way below my best and was not even close to making semifinals.


Foto: David Schweizer

It felt like the competition season had barely even started and now it’s already over for me, except for the very last (and my only) World Cup in Munich coming up in August. I guess I had a little too much going on lately and with exams right ahead I’m having a hard time to find the right balance between climbing and studying. I don’t wanna complain or look for excuses but I probably just wasn’t as focused (and relaxed at the same time) as I should’ve been. This is also part of why I decided to take a week or two off from climbing, treat my body and mind with some rest, do physio exercises for my shoulder and just enjoy having no plans (except for a whole lot of studying). Oh well, that’s how it goes… Studying also helps me to better understand the human body and I (mostly) enjoy learning the fascinating way it works. I still absolutely love what I’m doing and I wouldn’t wanna have it any other way! In less than a month and a half I’ll be done with my exams and I’m off to South Africa for the whole month of July, can’t wait!