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I made my first climbing experiences in 2000 on an artificial climbing wall at Mount Shasta National park in the USA. Already after a few moves I was totally taken by this fascinating sport. Back home, I joined a mountaineering club and basically climbed outdoors a lot. In 2005, I took part in a regional youth competition, just for fun. To my own surprise, I ended up 2nd and was admitted immediately to the regional climbing team. In 2007, I became Swiss Youth Champion in the disciplines lead and bouldering, and won several other national competitions in both disciplines. In the beginning of 2008, I was chosen to join the Youth National Team. This was followed by my first international competitions in which the focus was to gain experiences.

Due to my good results, I was accepted at a sports high school in Zurich in summer 2008, which allowed me to perfectly combine school and training. In September of 2009, I won my first international competition in Munich in the discipline speed. During my last years as a junior, I started shifting my focus to bouldering and the world cups. In summer 2013, I graduated from high school and started my studies in Chiropractic at the University of Zurich. The following year was the first time I reached semi-finals in a senior world cup in front of my home crowd in Grindelwald. In 2016, I placed 14th at the Worldcup in Munich, which is my best result so far. In the future, I want to push myself further and get stronger in competitions as well as on rock. Considering competitions, my main aim is to establish myself in the Bouldering World Cups whereas outdoors I just enjoy having a great time with friends and climbing in some of the most beautiful places on earth. I love to travel and see new places and climbing somewhat became my way of exploring the world.

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