Fairytales happen in Magic Wood - 13. Juli 2012

Already in the mood of summer break, Tanja and I spontaneously decided to go to Magic Wood just for the afternoon. Since it’s getting dark pretty late and with Tanja having her license, we still had plenty of time to climb.

After a short warm-up we went to Blown Away (7B) and Tanja sent it in a few tries, congrats! Impressed by her strong performance, I was totally psyched to try Supernova (7C) again, conditions were good and I’ve been feeling quite strong lately. So I gave it a try and all the moves came to me exceptionally natural. I quickly managed to climb it in two parts which made me optimistic for the send. After a short rest I got on it again and foolishly fell while matching on the top hold, I just couldn’t believe it!! Yet I now knew for sure I was actually able to climb the whole problem and a couple of tries later I finally stuck the top hold with both hands. I then was completely overwhelmed by happiness, relief, satisfaction but most of all disbelief. Slowly it sank in that I had just climbed my first 7C, sooooo happy!! :)

Supernova 7C, Magic Wood (Switzerland) from nat on Vimeo.

Now I hope to climb some hard problems in Val di Mello and then it’s already time for the EYC Boulder in Argentière where I’m really excited to compete at! Afterwards I can’t wait to spend an entire week in Céüse, it’s been way too long…