Extended weekend, extended ticklist :) - 20. Mai 2012

Since you couldn’t ask for better conditions, I took advantage of the long weekend and spent the last few days in Magic Wood and Brione. Together with my family, I climbed in Magic Wood on Thursday on our way down to Ticino. I still have problems finding my way through the mossy woods, but after a short warm-up I found myself in front of a really powerful looking slopy problem, exactly what I was looking for! Later I found out this was a quite well known problem named King Kong (7A+). Anyway, no matter what it’s called, I really enjoyed climbing it and although I had some problems figuring out the moves at first, I somehow managed to get everything right and put them together.

King Kong
Next we went to Traversatta (7A+), a pretty long traverse with a couple of really small crimps close to the river. I first had my doubts about sending it because of its length and my lack of endurance, yet after struggling with the crimps for a bit, I was able to climb the whole problem, which definitely made my day :) It was already getting late, so we continued our drive to reach Brione in time for a good pizza. After sleeping in on Friday and watching a bit of the worldcup in Innsbruck online, we decided to go down to the river and climb on a traverse (about 7A+) I had already tried around Easter. It took me quite a while to figure out a good beta for the start. A few layers of skin later, I found myself at the top sloper and with my last bit of energy somehow managed to top out. Since our skin was pretty screwed up after that, we spent the rest of the day at the beautiful river enjoying the sunny weather. As I also spent the whole Saturday resting, I was ready for another day in Magic Wood on Sunday. This time I wanted to try something harder and ended up with Schrotti (7B), a rather powerful problem. I had to try the first move over and over again and when I didn’t actually believe I was able to do it at all, I finally stuck it but than annoyingly fell off getting my feet up. Trying the first move again for several more times, I was very happy to finish the whole problem at last. Later on, I flashed Supercrack (6C), probably one of the coolest features all over the woods and tried to figure out the moves on Supernova (7C) for the rest of the afternoon. All in all, I had a great weekend and can’t wait to get back on rock again as soon as possible!