A dream come true! - 18. Juni 2012

After competing in Grindelwald for two weekends in a row, I was totally psyched to climb on rock again. Although I’m feeling pretty strong at the moment I didn’t do very well in either of the comps and even hurt my shoulder in the last final problem of the Swiss Championships. So I had to rest for almost a week and went to Magic Wood with the idea of just doing some easy stuff and hanging around in the sun. Yet I once more realized that most things happen when you least expect them to.

I’ve tried Blown Away (7B) the first time I came to Magic Wood and it was a project ever since. I had done all the moves before except for the topout which isn’t too hard but really high and therefore mentally pretty challenging since you’re aware you just can’t fall at that point. Probably the hardest move is a long shoulder move right before the topout so I didn’t really go there with the idea of sending it simply because I didn’t want to put too much stress on my still slightly disabled shoulder. However everything somehow fell into place, I did the topout alone first try and sent the whole problem a couple of tries later! Special thanks to Remo, Mario, Andrea and Zach for the support and making me try it in the first place! Zach even filmed the whole send (see video below), thank you so much! Being able to finally climb this amazing line is a dream come true and makes me so happy! :) Besides I figured out all the moves on Supernova (7C) and managed to climb it in two parts, now I can’t wait to get back and try putting it together!

Natalie on Blown Away (7B) in Magic Wood, CH from zach on Vimeo.