27th Mrz 2014

Welcome Delights and Little Inconveniences

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been extremely motivated to train hard and get ready for the upcoming comeptition season as well as climbing outside. We’ve also made it out...

23rd Feb 2014

Hueco Tanks & Mammut Blacklight Boulder Challenge

So two years after my last trip, I already made it back to Hueco. The rock there is simply breathtaking and there are so many amazing climbs, I guess I...

13th Okt 2013
EM Eindhoven 2013

Comps, Rock and Lectures

Shortly after my return from our amazing trip to Rocklands, it was already time for my second World Cup and the last Bouldering World Cup of the season in Munich....

09th Aug 2013
The Rhino

One Month in Paradise

It was nice arriving in South Africa not having to worry about a thing. Remo and Matthi had already been there for a month and Viola and Yves for two...

20th Jun 2013
Fighting on Foo Fighter

Graduation Treats

So I’ve been to Magic Wood every weekend before leaving for Africa, investing my free time into climbing instead of studying. On the first two weekends, the river still had...

09th Jun 2013
zurich girls podium

Vice Swiss Champion :)

The weekend after the European Youth Championships in Grindelwald, the first national event was carried out on the same wall. Unfortunately I sprained my ankle at the beginning of a...

27th Mai 2013

Success on rock, disappointment on plastic

Despite the bad weather, I spent most of the past weekends out on rock and even managed to climb at Magic Wood for three days. Okay, maybe rather three times...

28th Apr 2013

First World Cup :)

It’s been almost half a year since my last entry and although a lot of things happened, nothing seemed important enough to write about. I’ve been training as usual, climbing...

04th Dez 2012
Natalie Schattental_bearbeitet

Ticino, Snow and other delights

Summer feels like just yesterday and yet it’s already December, there’s snow everywhere and I’m thinking about what to get my beloveds for Christmas. Fall just rushed by and I...

26th Okt 2012
Foto: Mary Mecklenburg

Perfect days before the snow

After pretty much taking a break from climbing for a few weeks due to a school trip and a short vacation with my dad, I’ve been superpsyched to get on...